Carol (caroolk3) wrote,

MIX: ingenue teenage starlet

Made for pretendpassion's fic They'll Only Miss You When You Leave written for skins_bigbang


» 01. the only moment we were alone | explosions in the sky

» 02. daddy's gone | glasvegas

how are you my hero? how are you never here though?
remember times when you put me on your shoulders, how i wish it was forever you would hold us
right now i'm too young to know how the future will affect my when you go

» 03. little brother | now, now every children
little brother, we're alright
but just stay inside for now

» 04. the sound of settling | death cab for cutie
i've got a hunger twisting my stomach into knots that my tongue was tied off
my brain's repeating "if you've got an impulse let it out", but they never make it past my mouth

» 05. maria | blondie
she doesn't know your name and your heart beats like a subway train
oooh, it makes you wanna die
oooh, don't you wanna take her? wanna make her all your own?

» 06. narc | interpol
baby, you can see that the gazing eye won't lie
don't give up your lover tonight cause it's just you, me and this wire, all right
let's tend to the engine tonight

» 07. nicest thing | kate nash
all i know is that you're so nice, you're the nicest thing i've seen
i wish that we could give it a go, see if we could be something
i wish i was your favorite girl

» 08. sick muse | metric
you better watch out, Cupid stuck me with a sickness
pull your little arrows out and let me live my life
the one i'd better lead, all the blondes are fantasies

» 09. telescope eyes | eisley
with your telescope eyes, metal teeth
i can't be seen with you, you see
please don't make me cry, please don't make me cry
i'm just like you, i know you know

» 10. tears for affairs | camera obscura
shedding tears for affairs, i'm a funny little thing
well, i can tell you this for nothing, affairs don't win

» 11. i want to | best coast
i want you so much and i want you so much
i miss you so much and i miss you so much
i want to go back to the first time, the first place
Tags: art: skins, character: sophia moore, mix: skins, ship: naomi/emily, ship: naomi/sophia
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